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If you are interested in learning a little bit more about any of the brands that I collaborate with keep scrolling for links to all of their sites, social media, specific products, discount codes, and what I love so much about them!

If you have a preppier style and like wearing bright colors, you will LOVE Krass & Co.! Krass and Co. is a relatively new apparel company started by a Lehigh University grad and is growing like wild fire! The prints are super cute and girly, but they also carry a lot of men's clothing for your boyfriends!

I had seen many many pictures of their merchandise all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr before ever trying any of their clothing on but when I did, I became immediately obsessed! I thought I was in love before, but now I'm officially addicted. I have never worn workout clothing so comfortable! I was used to running shorts made out of polyester that had no give and always showed sweat stains. These shorts are made out of nylon and spandex and are so insanely comfortable, I want to live in them!

You can use my code 'SOPHIESAYS' to receive 20% off of your purchase!

Sophie Says for Krass and Co.

I have been working with Hi Smile since the beginning of May, and my teeth are so happy about it! I have tried MANY teeth whitening products in my life, but the Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has made the most dramatic difference I have ever seen. My teeth are a true pearl white and my confidence level has skyrocketed. I smile 100% of the time, I'm not kidding. Below are a few fact from their website and here is a blog post I have written about my experience with the teeth whitening kit!

If you still aren't convinced you need this product in your life after reading my blog post, check out their Hi Smile Results page for event more proof. This page shows you real people and the real results they have gotten from using the Hi Smile products.

One last thing I will say is that what I love the most about the Hi Smile products is that if you use them as directed, you WILL end up with natural looking results. Your teeth will not become a gross bleached white but they guarantee you will notice a difference. Try it! It's worth it 🙂

This bathing suit was gifted to me by WET Swimwear and I think I've worn it every single time I've been in the water since it arrived in my mailbox!

It is so super flattering and glistens in the sun. The "scales" on it make me feel like a mermaid! I would recommend going a size up in the top, but the bottoms fit pretty true to size.

If you're more of a fan of triangle shaped bikini tops, WET offers this one in the same colorway as well as these bottoms and this one-piece.

Thank you WET Swimwear for my new favorite suit!

If you want to see more pictures of this bikini check out my blog post about WET Swimwear here!

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | WET Swimwear Bikini at Lake George
Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | White Girl Sunscreen

They say that you should wear sunscreen every single day, not just when you're going to the pool or the beach, but carrying around a bulky bottle of sunscreen everywhere you go would definitely be a hassle. This adorable little pouch from White Girl Sunscreen is perfectly sized to slip into any purse for easy access and still has a resealable cap so it won't make a mess. I think this packaging is genius, but what's even more genius is the product.

I love how on the back of the pouch it reads, "Why White Girl? We use so much sunscreen that we created our own formula. You're probably thinking: how many different ways can you make sunscreen? Well, there are at least two: what everyone else does and what we do. Try it, you'll be addicted, too."

And I have to admit, I think I am. The formula is so silky and makes your skin feel super smooth and the best part is that it doesn't have that dorky, touristy, stench of normal sunscreen that you can smell miles away, all day long. There's a very mild cucumber scent, I would say, so you really can wear it every single day without being bothered by an obnoxious scent or greasy residue.

I have to say that Rocksbox is honestly one of the most fun and rewarding companies to work with. Rocksbox is a subscription box company that allows you to rent three pieces of designer jewelry a month for only $19.99! If you fall in love with one of the pieces they send you, you're able to purchase it for a discounted price, and since you already have and are loving it, there's no wait time for your order to ship!

I think this concept is absolutely incredible because how many of us bloggers out there get tired of photographing the same bling again and again? Plus, this isn't cheap stuff they're sending you. They carry everything from Kendra Scott, to Gorjana, to Loren Hope, to Sophie Harper, and more!

The best part of the service is that you create your own wish list so their style experts get to know your taste, and in every Rocksbox you'll receive at least one piece from that wish list along with two others that coordinate so you can wear your pieces as a set.

If you're interested in trying out Rocksbox but don't want to commit to a monthly subscription yet, use my discount code 'SOPHIESAYSXOXO' to get your first month entirely free!

UniversiTee Box is a company with a really cool concept. The founder of UniversiTee Box decided that there should be a monthly subscription box that is basically a little care package for hard working college women.

The boxes contain anything along the lines of tee shirts, jewelry, girly office supplies, and sweet treats. Every month there is a theme and an aesthetic to the box. For example, my favorite theme so far was growth which also happened to be my favorite aesthetic: marble, of course.

I think these are the perfect gift for your daughter, bff, sorority sister, anyone! Subscribe them to a few months for their birthday, and your love will keep on giving. I can say from personal experience that a UniversiTee Box is the best thing to come home to after a long day spent in the library!

We all know by now that I am weak for a good mask. I apply them twice to three times a week just to freshen up my complexion and this line of masks has so many different treatments! There are ones that tighten pores, clean your T-zone, dry up oily skin, moisturize dry skin, and even a few that work for all skin types! The best one I have tried so far is the Chocolate Mud Masque because it smells AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling even better. I used this one earlier this week for the first time and two things happened: #1: I wanted to eat my own face, and #2: my skin felt so soft and smooth the entire next day. These masks are so inexpensive, but they actually work! You can find them at Ulta, Walmart, kmart, Krogers, Claire's, and more, so go pick a bunch up because, trust me, when you're suffering from beginning, mid, or end of semester stress (like I always am) these babies will relax you and help get you prepared for a productive day.

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | 7th Heaven Face Masks #DormEssentials

iDecoz is one of my most recent sponsorships and I'm already obsessed. These trendy stickers will decorate anything and bring a smile to your face every time you notice their lighthearted, cartoon quirkiness. As soon as I saw the Adidas sneaker stickers, I was sold. (I know, basic, right?) I absolutely FLOODED my laptop with them!

You can decorate your phone case, laptop, sunglasses case, iPad, notebooks, camera, coffee cup, water bottle...the list goes on.

ALSO, you know how its so much easier to take a selfie with your front camera, but you also hate how the 1.2 megapixel quality just doesn't compare to the 8 megapixel camera you've got on the reverse side of your camera? Well iDecoz also carries an awesome blinged-out mirror that sticks to the back of your phone and makes it possible to achieve the PERFECT selfie!

Check out their website (and Insta), you won't regret it.

P.S. They also have giant emoji laptop stickers. I'm done.

I love anything sparkly, but I feel like at this point everyone knows that. If you're a girly with a love for some bling bling, you neeeeed to check out Mirina Collections right now. Each Mirina Collections piece is inspired by the roman empires and the historical queens that once ruled the world. They incorporate a little bit of culture into every statement necklace and all necklaces are handmade to order. It is truly a unique experience.

I'm wearing the Erin necklace in this photograph and it can be found here (in case you're falling in love with it like I did).

Here's a little snippet from their website:

"When MC first initially started designing we opened our 1st MC design house in Miami Beach, Florida. After just 8 months of business our team moved its main offices to New York City in Time Square where we were featured at NYFW and Jute Magazine with this Springs must have designs such as the Audrina and Beverly Choker. Now, today, MC has transitioned to new owners to continue its growth and brand building worldwide as well as ensure we can keep up with the growth we have witnessed from our supporters and fashionistas worldwide."

My special discount code for you guys is 'MIRINAGIRLS' ...enjoy!

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | White Girl Sunscreen

I have always loved the C & C California lingerie and apparel that I see on Revolve, and at Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom, and my sister is a huge fan, too, so when I received this set I was ecstatic!

These are such pretty undergarments and they're super comfortable, too!! I love how you can let the lace racer back show and wear it as a bralette but it still has just as much support as a regular bra.


Their website is definitely worth checking out because they always have such great on trend bohemian style piece and for a girl that live in New York most of the year like me, a western touch is definitely something that I crave in my wardrobe.

I. Love. Coconut. Lane.

Seriously, if you haven't already checked out this website, you need to head over there now! They have the cutest decor, desk accessories, phone cases, and so much more. Every marble print you could ever dream of can be found on this website, plus their logo is a pink pineapple, need I say more?

Actually, I will say one more thing. Their Instagram is amazing and totally worth checking out! (Especially if you're into pink.) Featured in this picture is their Insta-feed because I haven't gotten my merchandise quite yet and couldn't take any original photos, but as soon as I do you know there will be a full blog post review and plenty of Instagrams, so stay tuned!

If you want a 20% discount use the code'SOPHIESAYS20' ...you can thank me later!

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Gallery Wall and Desk Decor featuring Coconut Lane, YSL, Diptyque, Moet, and more
Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Gallery Wall and Desk Decor featuring Coconut Lane, YSL, Diptyque, Moet, and more

Wanna look great on the beach this summer?? I mean who doesn't?

Definitely check out Skinny Coffee Club!

Skinny Coffee is an entirely organic and vegan product that boosts your energy more than a regular coffee as well as helping boost your metabolism, clear your skin, and more. Skinny Coffee also comes with a meal and exercise plan to keep you on track with your weight loss!

Using this product has definitely raised my confidence level and helped me get into regular habits of working out and eating well. Read more on their website and once you're sold, use my code 'GETSKINNY' when you make your first purchase! If you love your results after the first 28 days and post a before and after picture, they will also send you a second month's worth of product!

The Dip Into Pretty Pedi Spacers are one of those products that I always think I need and wonder where I can get but never remember to go and purchase after my toes are dry. This is why I think these sets make the perfect gift for any kind of girls gathering! They're appropriate for all ages because what girl doesn't need these in her life?!

Worried about losing a couple? Don't be. They come with an adorable little pouch that makes cleaning up a breeze or taking them to the spa so easy! I love this product, so go ahead and treat yoself, they'll make you feel like a queen and you deserve it.

PureTropix is a skincare company that focuses on creating radiant skin through pure, natural ingredients from all around the world. When I first used the Purifying Honey Oil Cleanser in conjunction with the Jungle Clay Mask I was shocked at how amazing my skin felt. The cleanser added moisturizing oil to my skin and then the mask stripped my face of excess oil, leaving my skin feeling clean and healthy.

"Our mission is twofold; first, to create a line of the purest natural skincare products from the finest ingredients without color additives, harmful chemicals, or animal testing; second, to capture the beauty, history, romance, and glamour of the world's most tropical cities and to honor traditional remedies and incorporate them in modern applications in the forms of advanced skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams, and lotions."

Interested in working with me?

If you think your brand or products would work well with my style and are interested in getting in touch with me about collaborating, click the button below to contact me because I would love to hear your ideas!