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DIY Adidas Sneakers with Patches

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | DIY Adidas Sneakers with Patches

Who’s ready for back to school?!

I know I promised you guys some DIYs that you'll actually wear, so here's the first one! I wear sneakers basically every single day at school when I'm not wearng boots or booties. It just makes so much sense because you're walking all around campus all day every day and sneakers support your feet while keeping them comfortable. I remember freshman year when I tried to wear Jack Rogers and ballet flats all the time, and some people can do that (good for them!) but not me. Since I wear sneakers so often, I wanted a pair that no one else would have which is very difficult to do at a big school. I decided to embellish these black Adidas Superstars with some patches I found on Etsy, take a look at how they turned out!

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Pink and Girly Summer Date Night Outfit

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Pink and Girly Summer Date Night Outfit

Pink is my favorite color!

But...I pretty much only wear blacks and neutrals. Every now and then, I find an awesome pink piece that I can add to my wardrobe for flare, but that's about it for color for me haha. With fall coming up, I wanted to show off this end of summer date night outfit because I don't know when the next time I will be able to wear something like this will be, so enjoy! Details linked down below πŸ™‚

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Levi’s Wedgie Jeans + DIY Adidas Sneakers With Patches

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s already Thursday?!

This week flew by! I wanted to do a recap post of my weekend at the lake and at the horse races, but I didn't get a chance to so you can look forward to that next week! I know I have been promising some back-to-school DIYs that you'll actually wear (because if you're anything like me, I try to DIY all the time and just end up wasting time and money when I don't use what I've made), so here's a sneak peak at the patch covered Adidas I made! I love patches so much, I think they're such a fun and cute trend, so I wanted to do something creative with them and this is what I came up with!

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The Ultimate Back-to-School Wishlist for College Girls

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Back To School Wishlist for College 2016

Black Skinny Jeans (check!)
It's always a good feeling to start off the school year with a new pair of jeans. Personally, I'd always rather have a few pairs of jeans that I LOVE and rotate between them throughout the week than have tons of jeans that I don't know how I feel about. My staples are boyfriend jeans, black skinny jeans, dark wash skinny jeans, and whatever is in style that season like embellished or flare. I like both ripped and non ripped jeans, so I try to keep a variety in my collection. I already own a pair of these jeans, but I loved them so much that I wore them almost every other day and ripped the knee wholes way too big, so I figured it was time for a new pair.

Boyfriend Jeans (check!)
You may have seen these classic Levi's being rocked by Kylie Jenner, they're her signature wedgie jeans that make her butt look so fab. My sister bought a pair of these and told me how in love with them she was, so I decided to try them out, too. I usually don't spend this much on jeans, so I was ready to try them on and return them if there was even one thing I didn't like about them, but those tags came off as soon as all of my other jeans went in the trash. I'm not kidding, when you try on a pair of jeans that make you look this good, you will never want to wear any other jeans ever again. No wonder Kylie flaunts her behind in these, they really do work magic!

Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is definitely a staple in fall fashion and this Blank NYC one is a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I wish I had acted faster, because now this one is out of stock in my size, but I have my fingers crossed that I find another cute one soon, let me know if you find any!

Belt with big Buckle
Okay...maybe this isn't a staple...but, it is on my back to school wish list! I used to wear belts like this all the time, but I haven't in forever and I'm so happy to see them coming back in style! Fun belts can add such a sexy flare to a basic outfit.

These boots are currently a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too, and soooo cute! (Hurry up, the sale is over this Friday!) Having a good pair of boots in the fall is crucial, especially if you're from the north. I wear boots or booties every single day when it gets too chilly to wear flats or sneakers and I'm dying over these because the have a heel that's not unbearable and this shade will go with everything. I look at these boots and I'm already planning out mid-semester outfits for class!

Silky Dress (check!)
Slip dresses have been EVERYwhere lately. I'm not a huge fan of the tee shirt-under-dress look yet, but I can't wait to pair this with a leather jacket and my Doc Martens. It will create such a glam, punk rock look and I can't wait!

Makeup Brushes
Everyone knows that you're supposed to wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis, but everyone hates doing it. It's one of those tasks that we always forget to do or put off doing because we think about it at the wrong time. Pro tip: treat yourself to a new set of brushes at the beginning of each school year. Your face will clear up because there won't be any build up oil, and you'll feel the difference! Now I know makeup brushes are expensive, so try saving up ahead of time and keeping an eye out for sales. Also, here are a few sites where you can score some good quality, less expensive brush sets: Nanshy, Morphe, Sigma, and bh Cosmetics.

Sophie Says Fashion and Beauty Blog

Kylie Cosmetics Special Edition Birthday Collection

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition

Who else absolutely died today when Kylie released her birthday surprise?!

Being the queen (or king) that she is, of course Kylie had to do something huge to celebrate her birthday. Last year it was blonde hair and a Ferrari, this year she released an entire line of cosmetics. This gold dripping, gold infused makeup collection was the most coveted thing on the internet today and I'd like to personally congratulate you if you managed to avoid seeing any of these viral photographs today (all of which were taken directly from the @KylieCosmetics Twitter account, I do not own the rights to any of them).

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Rocksbox Flavors of the Month

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Kendra Scott + Rocksbox Selfie

Hello hello!

Man, am I exhausted! Have you ever had those days where you didn't do much but you're still so tired? I feel like this Kim Kardashian meme right now. I did a whole lot of catching up on things I've been putting off and planning for the future today, but right now I'm feeling like I didn't do enough. Tomorrow is a new day though, so to prepare for productivity I'm currently wearing this face mask and planning on calling it a night as soon as I publish this post. That way, I'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer.

Alright, let's get talking about Rocksbox!! I am super excited this month because I think this is the best box I've received yet!

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Monday Feels

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Monday Feels with Adidas Superstars and Antique Chair

Can you believe the summer is already half over?

You may be thinking that I'm looking at the glass half empty when I say this because everyone loves summer, but no matter how much I love summer, I will never be able to stop missing Syracuse, so I'm actually looking at the glass half full and counting down the days until I can go back to school!! Today I memorized my class schedule and made some plans for what I think my days will look like and when I will be able to get homework, job applications, and blogging done. Fun fun.

I decided that I look rather pensive in all of the photographs, so I wanted to share with you what has been on my mind all day, and on the topic of getting ready to go back to school, I will be discussing what happened to me this weekend and talking to you guys a little bit about stress management and how to deal with difficult situations.

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