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Princess Gigi

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Princess Gigi Yorkie Chihuahua

True Life: My Dog Is A Princess

If you've been following me on Instagram then you know that this is my puppy, Gigi, and she's the apple of my eye. Gigi is 50% Yorkie, 50% Chihuahua, and 100% Diva. She's a puppy still (3 years old is still a puppy, right?), and she never lets us forget! She is just like a toddler because she can run around and play and be so hyper for hours on end, and then at night she gets sooo super sleepy and snuggles up to whoever is closest to her. The best thing about Gigi is her sweet, affectionate demeanor and how she doesn't choose favorites. She will cuddle up to and kiss all over whoever happens to be nearby at any given time.

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Pretty In Pink

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Pretty In Pink with Krass and Co.

Happy Monday!

How did everyone survive the heat this weekend? I don't know about you, but I had the most amazing past three days! My boyfriend came to visit me and took me out to such a nice sushi dinner on Friday, then we spent Saturday and Sunday exploring in my back yard. There's a creek that runs through our woods and we followed it all the way back to the swimming hole where we played catch with my dog for hours. We also put on our bathing suits (I wore a bikini top and my favorite Krass and Co. shorts) and cooled off while catching crayfish, 16 of them! It was so refreshing to hide out in the shade under the trees and it took me back to my childhood when I spent every single summer day back there with my two older sisters.

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Rocksbox Flavors of the Month

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Kendra Scott + Rocksbox Selfie

Hello hello!

Man, am I exhausted! Have you ever had those days where you didn't do much but you're still so tired? I feel like this Kim Kardashian meme right now. I did a whole lot of catching up on things I've been putting off and planning for the future today, but right now I'm feeling like I didn't do enough. Tomorrow is a new day though, so to prepare for productivity I'm currently wearing this face mask and planning on calling it a night as soon as I publish this post. That way, I'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer.

Alright, let's get talking about Rocksbox!! I am super excited this month because I think this is the best box I've received yet!

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Monday Feels

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Monday Feels with Adidas Superstars and Antique Chair

Can you believe the summer is already half over?

You may be thinking that I'm looking at the glass half empty when I say this because everyone loves summer, but no matter how much I love summer, I will never be able to stop missing Syracuse, so I'm actually looking at the glass half full and counting down the days until I can go back to school!! Today I memorized my class schedule and made some plans for what I think my days will look like and when I will be able to get homework, job applications, and blogging done. Fun fun.

I decided that I look rather pensive in all of the photographs, so I wanted to share with you what has been on my mind all day, and on the topic of getting ready to go back to school, I will be discussing what happened to me this weekend and talking to you guys a little bit about stress management and how to deal with difficult situations.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Red, White, and Blue Fourth of July with Krass and Co. #America

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

One of my favorite holidays is finally here! How are all of you celebrating today? A barbecue? Fireworks? Going to the beach? Or maybe just relaxing on your day off? Why not online shop a little?? Head over to Krass and Co. right now to check out all of their amazing red, white, and blue prints! You can celebrate America all year long in these fantastic workout clothes, I know I will be!

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Central Park

Sophie Says in Central Park

This is one of my favorite places.

Have you ever been to Central Park in New York City? It is one of the best places I have been and if you have never been there before, definitely put it on your bucket list. I go to New York quite a bit and taking the train into Manhattan for the day or night is so much fun. I love the experience of being surrounded by so many people you've never seen before and visiting new places. There's always something to do or some place you've never been before. I have an NYC bucket list and each time I check something off, it feels like I add at least two more things. Even though there's so much to do, Central Park is a place that I will keep coming back to.

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Street Style

Sophie Says Modeling Nikes

I’m a girl that needs to live near a city.

Do you ever feel like your home town is too small or too different from your style and what you want to do? I have been feeling that way a lot lately. I am about to enter my senior year of college and am honestly so excited to graduate and start living in the real world. Don't get me wrong, I love college and everything about it (even the all nighters in the library and the stress of searching for internships...and now jobs...yikes!), but I just feel like I'm ready for a change, a BIG change. Being home for the summer for the last time ever is helping me realize that I'm ready to move on. I love spending time with my mom and my family and I love the house I grew up in, but I really feel like a big fish in a small tank.

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