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Luxury Lipstick Collection: TORY BURCH

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Luxury Lipstick Collection: Tory Burch

Let’s talk Tory Burch!

Tory Burch had always been one of my favorite designers because although I feel like her clothing is a little too mature for my age, I absolutely love her handbags and small accessories. When I first found out that she was going to release a beauty collection, I just about did a standing back flip. I immediately shared my excitement with my momma then we shared Instagram and blog posts anxiously awaiting its debut. Not too long after, I became the lucky girl that got to unwrap a few items from the collection that Christmas morning! I got This beautiful jewelry box, the perfume, and a travel sized roller ball bottle of the perfume. A year later, my mom gave me this lipstick!

I know this post is supposed to be about the lipstick, but I have to give this perfume a quick shoutout. Over all I have gone through two full bottles and two travel sized roller ball bottles of it. It's amazing.

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Luxury Lipstick Collection: YSL

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Designer YSL Luxury Lipstick Collection

Good morning!

Okay, so we've reached the second to last week of the Luxury Lipstick Collection and are finally talking about a brand that is very dear to my heart. I realize that that is a strange thing to say about a makeup line, but Yves Saint Laurent was the first luxury lipstick I ever bought for myself and was part of the reason I was inspired to take my blog to Instagram. The tubes of the Rouge VoluptΓ© are so stunning that I couldn't help but photograph them all the time. When I had built up so many pictures and was running out of ways to use these photographs (I literally had them as my phone and laptop backgrounds, hanging up around my room, and also featured on my blog), I thought, why not take these to Instagram where I can post about lipstick as often as I want? Today I am showing you a fresh set of photographs that I needed to take because I have recently added onto my collection, I hope you enjoy!

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Luxury Lipstick Collection: MAC

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Luxury Lipstick Collection: MAC

Time for a crowd favorite!

MAC lipsticks have been everyone's favorite for a long time now because of their texture, variety of colors, relatively low price, and let's not forget their scent! The scent of MAC lipstick is one of my favorite smells in the world. It isn't the same if you are just smelling the ones on display at a store, but when you bring home a fresh one and open that tube for the first time its incredible. I have 7 MAC lipsticks and two of the Lipglasses (not pictured) and I have to say how impressed I am by the pigmentation of all of these products. Keep reading to find out more!

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Luxury Lipstick Collection: Bobbi Brown

Sophie Says | Fashion + Beauty Blog - Luxury Lipstick Collection: Bobbi Brown

Creamy, rich color that’s long lasting.

That's how I would describe Bobbi Brown lipsticks. They glide on smoothly, fill your lips with vibrancy, moisturize, and blend into your natural lip color so when they "wear off" they leave a beautiful remnants. These lipsticks never get cakey or dry. Instead, they begin to feel like a chapstick after a few hours. When I say hours, I really mean it! Being a lipstick queen, of course I have used many lipsticks that just don't last and wear off as quickly as you put them on. I've eaten meals wearing these lipsticks and am still impressed with the way they last.

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Perfume Collection

pink marc jacobs daisy perfume

Any perfumistas out there?

I came across that word on the Scentbird website the other day and thought it was so funny but also so applicable to my life! I have always loved anything scented, candles, perfumes, room sprays, pillow sprays...the list goes on! And I never even noticed this obsession until my boyfriend pointed it out one day when I was smelling his deodorant...oops. Good scents just make me so happy, they can change your entire mood or remind you of a different time. They're very powerful.

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