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Keeping Your Summer Tan

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Keeping Your Summer Tan

Can it just stay this warm and sunny out forever??

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite products that will help you hold onto your summer tan as long as possible. When I become so busy with going from class to class, going out to eat, or hanging out with friends in the library, I am barely ever outside getting some sun on my face. Also, where I go to school, we basically have 3 weeks of fall before it turns to winter so trying to stay a natural bronze is practically impossible.

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ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Raise your hand if you love liquid lipstick!

I certainly do, I hopped on that trend train veryyyy quickly. The tricky thing about liquid lipsticks though is that they always look different applied than they do online or even in the store. I know they all come in clear tubes, but when they dry on your lips, they always because four shades darker or three shades lighter. I find this so frustrating because a lot of liquid lipsticks have a pretty price tag so if you don't like the one you purchased, you're out of luck. This is where ColourPop comes in so so clutch. ColoupPop Ultra Matte Lips are $6 a piece, so you can try five for the price of one Kylie Lip Kit! When I discovered these, I went a little crazy (as you can see), but now that I've had the chance to wear all of them I wanted to let you know my opinions and comparisons to some other liquid lipsticks I've tried.

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#1 Dorm Essential

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | 7th Heaven Face Masks #DormEssentials

Hi guys!

Tonight has been the best night so far! I have a long weekend coming up so I've been pampering, cosmetic shopping, and all kinds of fun stuff! I actually dyed my hair black tonight! Yes, you heard that right...BLACK! Right after, I went to Ulta and picked up the NYX version of Dip Brow to match my new hair color. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to get my brows tinted and groomed, but I was turned down at the Benefit Brow Bar because their only brow lady was out for the day. It all ended up working out though because when I got home I used the leftover dye from my hair and an unused spoolie to feather some into my brows... and they turned out fabulous! (I also saved $33!!) To finish out a wonderful evening, I applied one of my new favorite masks that can also be found at Ulta!!

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White Girl Sunscreen

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | White Girl Sunscreen

Happy Friday!

I want to know, what are your thoughts on the Instagram update?? I'm not sure how I feel about the stories yet, because now I'm overwhelmed with how much social media I have to check every single day, but I do commend Instagram for their awesome filters and markers that you can write with! I also love how easy it is to watch everyone you follow's everyday life now. I never realized how many people I follow on Instagram that I don't follow on Snapchat! It's super cool to be able to get a peak into the behind the scenes of some bloggers and companies that I follow, and speaking of, did anyone get a chance to check out my Instagram Story yesterday? I was posting about two of the products that are saving my life right now, so let's get into this blog post and talk more about that and less about Instagram haha.

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Kylie Cosmetics Special Edition Birthday Collection

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition

Who else absolutely died today when Kylie released her birthday surprise?!

Being the queen (or king) that she is, of course Kylie had to do something huge to celebrate her birthday. Last year it was blonde hair and a Ferrari, this year she released an entire line of cosmetics. This gold dripping, gold infused makeup collection was the most coveted thing on the internet today and I'd like to personally congratulate you if you managed to avoid seeing any of these viral photographs today (all of which were taken directly from the @KylieCosmetics Twitter account, I do not own the rights to any of them).

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Luxury Lipstick Collection: TORY BURCH

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Luxury Lipstick Collection: Tory Burch

Let’s talk Tory Burch!

Tory Burch had always been one of my favorite designers because although I feel like her clothing is a little too mature for my age, I absolutely love her handbags and small accessories. When I first found out that she was going to release a beauty collection, I just about did a standing back flip. I immediately shared my excitement with my momma then we shared Instagram and blog posts anxiously awaiting its debut. Not too long after, I became the lucky girl that got to unwrap a few items from the collection that Christmas morning! I got This beautiful jewelry box, the perfume, and a travel sized roller ball bottle of the perfume. A year later, my mom gave me this lipstick!

I know this post is supposed to be about the lipstick, but I have to give this perfume a quick shoutout. Over all I have gone through two full bottles and two travel sized roller ball bottles of it. It's amazing.

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Lush Bath

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | Pink Relaxing Lush Bath

Who here is ready for the weekend??

This weekend I am going up to Lake George with my family and staying in a lakeside cabin! We are bringing our boat and loads of good food, I couldn't be more excited! Being out on the lake at the end of summer is the best thing because you just get the overwhelming feeling that you want to soak every second of sunshine and summer up as much as you can before it's over. At this point in the year I always feel myself making memories as they happen and it's a bitter sweet feeling. The rest of my family is leaving today, but I have to work so I will be heading out at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and picking up my boyfriend on the way there. It's about a four hour long drive (if I remember correctly) so tonight I plan on preparing by indulging in a bath filled with bath bombs and Lush Bubble Bars.

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