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DIY Adidas Sneakers with Patches

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | DIY Adidas Sneakers with Patches

Who’s ready for back to school?!

I know I promised you guys some DIYs that you'll actually wear, so here's the first one! I wear sneakers basically every single day at school when I'm not wearng boots or booties. It just makes so much sense because you're walking all around campus all day every day and sneakers support your feet while keeping them comfortable. I remember freshman year when I tried to wear Jack Rogers and ballet flats all the time, and some people can do that (good for them!) but not me. Since I wear sneakers so often, I wanted a pair that no one else would have which is very difficult to do at a big school. I decided to embellish these black Adidas Superstars with some patches I found on Etsy, take a look at how they turned out!

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Styling My DIY Distressed Denim Skirt

Sophie Says Fashion + Beauty Blog | DIY Ripped Jean Skirt

Hello hello, happy Friday!

On Tuesday, I showed you guys how to distress denim and used my plain, high waisted, mini skirt as the example. Today, I will be showing you how I styled my new and improved skirt. There are many many many ways to style denim, the list is endless. You could go for a relaxed casual style, a really trendy look, even any kind of throwback style, but I do all of these things on a regular basis, so this time I decided to mix it up and try out something new.

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DIY Distressed Denim Skirt

Sophie Says DIY Distressed Denim Mini Skirt

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to show you how I turned this plain denim skirt from Forever 21, the one that I wore in this blog post, into this fabulous, ultra-trendy, distressed denim skirt! About a year ago when I noticed that denim mini skirts were making a come back I was so thrilled and immediately thought of the last time I wore denim skirts in eighth grade with all of my Abercrombie & Fitch tee shirts. I cringed thinking of that phase, but then became so excited when I saw how people were wearing them with anything from a boyfriend oxford shirt + statement necklace, to some Adidas sneaks and a Brandy Melville top. The great thing about denim skirts is that they go with anything and give you that laid back, "this old thing?" look, but finding one the perfect amount of distressing for your taste can be tricky! I could only find ones with either no holes at all or completely mangled, and I hate when any kind of denim is completely torn all over because at that point it just looks like it needs to be thrown away. While creating my own, I took care in the placement of distressing and the length I was cutting it so it would be perfect for my wardrobe, but the amazing thing about this tutorial is once I teach you the skills, you can distress any kind of denim however you like!

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