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Hi Smile!

Hello there pearly whites! I’ve been smiling so big all day, you wanna know why? Its because today is the day I get to tell you all about the teeth whitening product that FINALLY worked and changed my life!

I am collaborating with HiSmileΒ for this post, which is an Australian teeth whitening company (and they ship worldwide!).

Want to know the best thing about the #HiSmileExperience? How easy it it!! It arrives at your doorstep in a kit containing a mouth tray, an LED light, and three tubes of whitening gel. For six days straight, all you do is fill the tray with a half tube of gel every night (1/4 on the top + 1/4 on the bottom), attach it to the LED light, and press go! The light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes and then you’re all done!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

Xoxo, Sophie

Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Isn’t it absolutely unbelievable that summer is already here?! And what better way to kick off summer than with an INCREDIBLE sale?? That’s right, the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale is back and better than ever. It’s time to stock up on everything you’ll need for the summer! 

Since we all know that there it just SO much included in this sale, I’m breaking down the best accessories and home goods to get you started shopping so you can avoid being overwhelmed. Of course I stuck to my favorite color scheme, but almost all of these items come in a variety of shades, so check them all out! 

[Left to right, top to bottom.]
Matt & Nat | ‘Peltola’ Vegan Leather Backpack

iCanvas | ‘Curiosity’ Framed Fine Art Print

iCanvas | ‘Macarons’ Framed Fine Art Print

iCanvas | ‘We Are Alike’ Framed Fine Art Print

BP. | ‘Boyfriend’ Bracelet Watch, 42mm

Sonic | ‘But First, Brunch’ Iridescent iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus Case

five and two | BP. Crystal Pendant Necklace

Leith | Statement Ring

iCanvas | ‘Lippss’ Framed Fine Art Print

Capelli of New York | Tassel Bag Charm

NILA ANTHONY | Faux Fur Pompom Clip

Matt & Nat | ‘Parabole’ Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

Matt & Nat | Triplet Vegan Leather Crossbody

ghd | Classic Styler (1 inch)

SIMPLY CURATED | Travel Tin Scented Candle

​Xoxo, Sophie

Beginning My Journey With Skinny Coffee Club

Today is a very very exciting day because, as you could probably guess from the title of this post, I am beginning my journey with the Skinny Coffee Club! 

The Skinny Coffee Club is a company that promotes living a healthy lifestyle and being happy in the skin you’re in. With every purchase of their special, organic formula, you will receive an eating plan as well as an exercise plan. In order to keep you on track, they tell you how many times a week you need to exercise, when and how you should weigh yourself, and they encourage you to take a picture every other week to track your progress! 

I am so excited to be collaborating with them because I get to test out their product and let you guys know first hand if it really works. I am going to be following the meal and exercise plans pretty closely so that you can get the whole picture. 

Right now, I am 122lbs, and for a 5’2″ adult female, that is completely normal and healthy, so my goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but I do want to tone my abs and feel fit. It has been 2 years since I stepped foot inside of a gym because as a college student I lead a very busy life and working out just isn’t something I prioritize. Hopefully, after completing this program, I will achieve the motivation to factor working out into my weekly, if not daily, routine for my senior year! 

I am so excited to get started, so please, join me on my journey! Follow and like my posts and feel free to use the hashtag #SkinnyCoffeeBabe. If you admire my results and want to get started on the program yourself, you can use the discount code ‘GETSKINNY’ and tag me in your photos so I can celebrate with you!