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21 Things I Want For My 21st Birthday

Guess what?!?! My 21st birthday is in EXACTLY one month! Woohoo!! 

Because this is such a special birthday, I wanted to do something fun for you guys. I don’t think I have ever made a wishlist of more than 10 items, but this time I did an extended wishlist: 21 things I want for my 21st birthday! The items themselves are kind of all over the place (just like my personality, haha). I’ve chosen clothing, camera accessories, makeup, candles, sneakers, and more! If you have a spring birthday like me or just want to treat yourself because summer is about to start and are interested in any of these items, check out the links below to see exactly where I found them! 

Happy shopping, xoxo!

Left to right, top to bottom.
Sophie says Cincinnati fashion style blogger Sophia Hoeke

Spring Break in Cincinnati (Part I)

Wow, it has almost been a month since Spring Break, I cannot believe I’m just getting around to writing this post now! That just goes to show how busy I have been since I got back, I guess. With the end of my Junior year approaching, things have beenΒ veryΒ busy. Just today, I registered for Fall classes!!! I don’t want to be a Senior yet! Where has the time gone??

Alright, I don’t want to think about that right now, haha. The reason I’m truly writing this post isn’t to vent about my inevitable graduation from the best University (yes, I am biased) that also made it to both the Men’s and Women’s Final Four in March Madness this past week, but it’s to share my Spring Break photographs with you!

Over Spring Break, my mom and I took a trip to Cincinnati and had so much fun exploring the city. We were only there for a couple days, but we took some killer photographs and I just have to share. Boy, do I love have a professional photographer as a mother, she makes me look so legit! Haha, enjoy πŸ™‚

If you were wondering, yes, we did take these pictures in a parking garage. If you like my necklace in that outfit, check out my last post for all the details! And if you like my bling in the outfit where I’m sporting boxer braids, you can check that out here (and get an awesome discount code for free jewelry!)